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What are the differences in mattresses with zones?

The division of the mattress into different zones is done so that the sleeping pad can yield or support in the right places. For this purpose, the different zones of the mattress are designed differently fixed.

A distinction is mainly between mattresses with 3-zone classification, 5-zone classification, 7-zone classification, and 9-zone classification:

3-zone mattress

The 3-zone mattresses have a head and neck storage area, a shoulder zone and a hip or pelvic zone. At the bottom, there is no further zoning in the 3-zone mattress. For this reason, it cannot be used with identical ergonomic properties.

5-zone mattresses

5-zone mattresses are basically classified as 3-zone mattresses. However, they have a “repeat” of the first two zones in reverse order after the hip / pelvic support zone. The area for the shoulders then serves for the calves and the zone for head and neck for the storage of the feet. Due to the reflection of the zones, the 5-zone mattress can be rotated, allowing a more even use of the mattress for longer life.

7-zone mattress

The 7-zone mattress or mattress with 7 lying zones is now regarded as the standard and therefore enjoys the largest spread. Originally developed for medical use, the 7-zone mattress is characterized by the fact that its zoning is suitable for almost 90% of all adults. This fact is related to the fact that it is based on the upper body at the distance from shoulder to hip usually only a few inches difference so that the reclining areas of the 7-zone mattress and the intended body parts match well.

The 7-zone mattress has extra storage zones for the lumbar spine and thighs compared to the 5-zone mattress. These zones are located in the upper and lower part of the central pelvic zone, which for this reason is smaller in area than in the 5-zone or 3-zone mattress. Check out our best collection of mattress at sleepjunkie.

9 zones mattresses

When a mattress has a 9-zone layout, it is usually the case that the first (head) and last (feet) zone of the mattress are again subdivided when compared to a mattress with a 7-zone mattress.